Accounting Software Setup


To comply with HMRC’s new Making Tax Digital rules, you will have to use a good cloud-based accounting software. The good news is that, everyone on our team is advanced/Expert certified by the big four market-leading accounting software companies and add on apps:


As experts, we proactively engage with those main companies developing accounting software and guide them on what features should be added. Because we are involved in the development process of accounting software, we are at the cutting edge of what’s happening. No other accountants will be able to offer the level of expertise and support that Accountancy Scotland can because we have literally helped to build it.

We have been involved in designing and developing accounting software since Accountancy Scotland’s founder, Jonathan Brigain, was developing in-house systems for Red Bull back in the late 90’s. You can read more about his experience here.

Because of our knowledge and expertise, we are the exclusive installation and support team for UK, and Europe for:

Business Sorter
CIN7 and

When it comes to software, if it’s worth using, then we can properly support you.

What we offer

We help you to select the software that best suits your needs and the way you like to work. In addition, we also negotiate great starter discounts for you. We can help you through the set-up process and give you essential training to ease you into the software.

Once you are familiar and comfortable with using the software on a daily basis, you can enjoy the comfort of knowing that we are always here to help.

Accountancy Scotland has now been certified as Making Tax Digital Ready. We are MTD ready, are you?

We offer this as a standalone package for a £500 set up fee, however, this service is free for all of our accountancy clients.

To find out more, call us now on 0131 281 1273 or send us an email at