At Accountancy Scotland, we offer a bookkeeping service that takes the hassle out of day to day admin, allowing you to focus on your business. We can take over:

  • Sales invoicing and debt collection
  • Purchase invoicing and payment
  • Bank reconciliation and general accounting
  • Manage fixed asset registers and depreciation
  • Monthly journals for payroll, accruals and prepayments 


How does Accountancy Scotland differ from other bookkeeping services?


Cloud based

Cloud based software means that you have complete visibility over everything we do. 

Accountancy Scotland works very closely with the major cloud based accounting software providers to help them develop their platforms. The result of this is that we are helping dictate the direction and are therefore at the cutting edge of accountancy software technology.

Accounting software means that accounts can be produced more efficiently, offering real times information, accessible anywhere in the world. 

From April 2019 all companies will be required to use cloud based accounting software as part of the Making Tax Digital scheme. We are at the forefront of developments in the field, so who better to help your business?

Find out more about our services for accounting software and our work with the major players here



Our staff are qualified and experienced accountants, who ensure that everything is accurate and up to date, allowing you to see real time business critical information.

It comes as a surprise to most people, but the majority of accountants are not qualified. There is no regulation around calling yourself an accountant or a bookkeeper, so often businesses end up being supported by people who do not have the correct qualifications.

At Accountancy Scotland, we are qualified accountants.


Real world business experience

Accountancy Scotland was founded by Jonathan Brigain CGMA, ACMA, CDir, CMgr. Jonathan had 10 years as Director of Finance and IT at Red Bull. Know for it’s cutting edge business, under Jonathan, Red Bull grew from zero to a £288m business in its first 7 years.

Jonathan has also been the Finance Director for two famous Michelin star chefs.

This business pedigree has created a culture of business excellence within Accountancy Scotland. This filters all the way down to bookkeeping, giving a level of attention to detail, and business professionalism that is unique to Accountancy Scotland.


Business insights

Because of our unique pedigree and management accounting qualification we are able to provide a level of business insight that other accountants and accountancy practices simply do not have the expertise to provide.

In doing your bookkeeping, we have a hands on connection to your business, allowing us to spot issues in areas such as cash flow and overtrading. This allows us to advise and help you to mitigate the issue before it becomes a problem.


You don’t need to switch software

All our staff at Accountancy Scotland are expert level qualified in the four major cloud based softwares (Xero, Quickbooks, Sage and Free Agent), but we can generally work with any platform.


Don’t have accounting software?

From April 2019 it will be a requirement for all businesses to have cloud based accounting software as part of the Making Tax Digital scheme. For more information on how we can get you set up with an appropriate package, take a look at our setup service.


Interested in Accountancy Scotland taking over your bookkeeping? Give us a call to find out more.